Cannabis remains a Schedule I narcotic substance under the Controlled Substances Act.  This presents tremendous obstacles for cannabis businesses, researchers, medical patients and consumers.  The industry has little-to-no access to banking services, since financial services report to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Jeff Sessions is still fighting the industry and rejecting the scientifically proven medical applications of marijuana.  Medical cannabis supporters are fighting back by filing a lawsuit that targets the constitutionality of the designation of cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic.  Important case studies include 12-year-old Alexis, who suffers from epilepsy curable with CBD, and 7-year-old Jagger who suffers from a severe neurological disorder also aided by cannabis.  A number of early-stage university studies have also shown the clinical benefits of Cannabis (i.e., the University of Bonn and others).

We are interested to see where this litigation leads.

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By Hiba Adda, February 19, 2018

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