About Us

Katchko, Vitiello and Karikomi, PC (“KVK”) is rooted by friendship and family.  Its founders were, and still are, three best friends who have been inseparable since attending law school together.  Two have even gone on to marry.

Shortly after they graduated and passed the bar exam, two major waves of legal work swept through California and KVK’s founders pioneered strategies related to the affected industries.  The first wave was prompted by the residential real estate market crash of 2007/2008, coupled with foreclosure abuses and massive mortgage and real property litigation.  The second was California’s slow approach to the legalization of medical, and now adult-use (or recreational) marijuana.  Indeed, KVK’s first cases ever were within these practice areas.

It should come as no surprise that KVK has emerged as a powerhouse in each of these fields.  In real estate litigation, KVK has obtained millions of dollars in damages related to foreclosure abuse on behalf of consumers impacted by mortgage and banking abuses.  With respect to commercial cannabis operations, KVK was present at each critical step along the path from registration of pre-ICO (Interim Control Ordinance) dispensaries, to Proposition D, to regulation, legalization and licensure.  KVK has gone on to add far more departments to its arsenal including personal injury, employment, general corporate litigation and more.

KVK’s founders always laughed at the idea that a law firm was supposed to be a cold, stuffy and dark place where clients got to speak to a paralegal (if they were lucky) before being billed into the ground.  They created the opposite: a flexible law firm that treats its clients like human beings and provides a positive atmosphere. As a result, clients widely report positive experiences even though legal issues can often be unpleasant.

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