• Working with Dom and his team has been an amazing experience, they are organized and very prompt with returning my calls and emails. I believe that communication is the key to success and I felt a strong heartbeat with the KVK Lawyer team.

    Stephanie Giera
  • KVK has been an invaluable source of guidance, legal knowledge, and proactive communication for our case with a bank service provider. Although legal proceedings can be long, GianDominic provided a clear path and strategy to having my mothers’ case resolved and settled in a positive and timely manner… many thanks and highly recommend!”

    M. D.
  • “Our lender terminated a Home Affordable Modification Trial Plan after we had been enrolled. We did not know what to do and had already been in bankruptcy. KV&K litigated a Breach of Contract lawsuit on our behalf against the lender to stop the foreclosure and get us our day in Court. To settle the lawsuit, the lender started our Trial Plan again and finalized the modification. The experience was positive because I was able to meet with the attorney and email or call with any questions during the litigation.“

  • “Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for GianDominic Vitiello. My family was in jeopardy of losing our home in foreclosure. From my initial phone call to the law of office Katchko, Vitiello & Karikomi I knew I’d made the right decision to have them assist us with our situation. Mr. Vitiello thoroughly explained our options and he consistently kept up to date on everything that was going on with the litigation. He was never too busy to explain the process to us time and time again. Mr. Vitiello genuinely cares. There is no way we could have stayed in our home without him.“

    Annette G
  • Me and my family want to thank you for all of the work you did on our case. I appreciate the way you took the time to explain the process to me and to respond to all of my questions. There was not a day that I could not get a hold of you. We are very pleased with the result. I plan on recommending your firm to everyone!

    The Earley Family
  • We are so grateful to GianDominic and his team for helping us save our home from foreclosure. Prior to our calling their office, we had completed our trial Home Affordable Modification Agreement payments, were trying to submit our notarized documents to our lender, as well as already making our modified payments. Our lender terminated the agreement and was requiring us to reapply for a new Modification Agreement. From the moment we had our first phone meeting with GianDominic Vitiello, we knew we had found the right law firm to handle our case. A Breach of Contract lawsuit was filed on our behalf against our lender. Not long after the lawsuit was filed our lender was settling our case and finalizing our Home Affordable Modification Agreement paperwork. GianDominic thoroughly explained our options and always kept us updated. Anytime we had questions, he was available, either by email or phone. We are so happy for everything GianDominic has done for our family and we would not be in our home today without him and his team. We are forever grateful and will always recommend you to everyone we know.



    Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez
  • “When we started with GianDominic, the demand from the other side was unacceptable to me, and my then-lawyer was advising me to settle for that number. I hired GianDominic instead and we fought the good fight for almost a year. We ended up with a settlement that was 10x better. That’s the Dom magic!”

    -Unnikrishnan W.

    Great Settlement!
  • As a single mother, nothing was more freighting than the possibility of losing my own home to foreclosure. The home my grandfather helped me buy. The house my children have called home for over 17 years. When a predatory loan servicer took over my servicing rights, they began to lose and misplace my mortgage payments.  They’d call me nonstop inquiring about the payments I already made. I sent them proof of those payments and yet they still ignored all my correspondence and put my home in foreclosure with a sale date. I contacted NUMEROUS attorneys claiming to be experienced in predatory loan servicing, but they were inexperienced and not motivated to take on my case. I was BLESSED beyond words to have found GianDominic Vitiello, Anthony, and Ed [Angwin] too! Three of the kindest, compassionate and bad assed legal counsel. They were ready to take on my case and fight for me to save my home. They took an impossible situation, and saved myself, and my children’s home from being stolen and sold by this predatory servicing company.  I contacted every state agency for help but they didn’t.

    – Michelle W.

    KVK Saved My Home